The Story

Out in the backyard way up in an old oak tree there is a beehive. This is not just any beehive. This beehive has 2 very busy bees… 2 brothers, Wally and Bobby Bumble.

The 2 brothers wanted to get out of their beehive and meet all the children they had seen while collecting nectar to bring back to their hive.

They loved the children so much they even learned how to speak with them. They thought if they formed a band and wrote songs they could become friends with the children and make them laugh and dance.

So, they wrote songs and practiced the music very hard each and every day. Now they call themselves The Bumbles.

They worked so hard. They had many, many songs to sing. So many songs. So many parts to sing. How would they do it? Since Wally and Bobby were bees, they knew the importance of team work in making honey. Maybe they needed a team to sing the songs and reach all the children.

That's it! They would call on Cherie Bee and Sherry Bee. They loved children as much as Wally and Bobby, and they loved to sing. Together they became The Bumbles and The Honey Bees too.

The Bumbles and The Honey Bees had a wonderful time. They sang and sang and laughed and laughed, and entertained lots and lots and lots of children. They were happy.

And that is how The Bumbles, and The Honey Bees all became a team and live happily ever after.