How It All Got Started…

Chris Cugini and Carl Manaloto are the originators of The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too. They first met when Chris was putting together a Rock n' Roll band. Chris found Carl through Craig's List. The two hit it off right from the start. Chris was from New York, and Carl was originally from Philadelphia. They both had been musicians for several years working on various music projects. Since interest was lost in the late night rock scene and they both love children, they became involved in writing children's songs. Chris has a little girl and around the time they gave up the rock band, he started writing songs for her. He introduced those songs to Carl, and they both collaborated writing more and more songs. Inspired by the teamwork of bees, they decided to call themselves "The Bumbles".

When Chris and Carl were ready to record their songs, they looked for two female back-up singers. Chris knew the perfect singers - Cherie Nottingham and Sherry Break. Cherie and Sherry became "The Honey Bees"; so the team's name became "The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too". Chris became Wally Bumble, Carl - Bobby Bumble, Cherie - Cherie Bee, and Sherry - Sherry Bee.

The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too's first CD "Bee Happy” was recorded in the summer of 2011 at Avalon Studios in Port St. Lucie, Florida which is owned by the noted, Tony BonJovi. It was released in November 2011. "Bee Happy" is available on I-Tunes, CD Baby, Amazon and on

The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too were not satisfied with just making a CD and performing music. The team decided put together a full-blown show. Each song they write has a theme and preceding each song, they perform a skit pertaining to the theme. The popularity of The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too has grown so strong that fans wanted them to record a video which has now become Imagine Nation. We know you'll enjoy it.

Lightheartedness and laughter are a large part of "The Bumbles and the Honey Bees too".

Meet The Team…